Dairy Products packaging

Dairy Products are perishable products and need regular quality check and protection from light, microbes, moisture, heat, oxidation and other deteriorative agents. Taste and nutritional value of dairy products are very sensitive parameter, dairy products have ability to grasp foreign odour and also very much susceptible to oxidative rancidity and microorganism growth. Dairy products are sensitive to heat temperatures and mostly it has to be refrigerated during transport and storage.

Avonflex offers packaging materials which have oxygen, moisture and seal properties essential for offering excellent product protection, which looks attractive, at the same time offers excellent durability at affordable pricing. We have come up with wide range of films, bags, laminates and equipment for packaging bulk dairy products, as well as, consumer portioned items, by considering such factors like protecting the flavors and textures throughout display and distribution. The packaging materials are manufactured by utilizing finest quality raw materials and latest technologies and they are known for their tear resistance, moisture resistance, strength and durability.


  • Cheese packaging
  • Butter packaging
  • Formagefrais packaging
  • Cream packaging
  • Infant Milk Powder Packaging
  • Milk powder packaging
  • Yoghurt Packaging & many more...

Common Structure

  • PET / POLY

What We Offer

  • Customised Size as per customer requirement
  • Different Structures & Thickness as per Product requirement
  • In House Designing
  • Up to 8 Colour Printing
  • Full MATT Finish product
  • Registered MATT Finish Product
  • We supply in Roll form as per FFS Machine Requirement like Multi Track Job Single Track Job.
  • Can be supplied in diverse style of customized Pouch form.