Juice Packaging

Avonflex understands the cost of logistics is a major factor for any industry and this is specifically more applicable for liquid packaging, hence we have mastered the recipe of leak proof liquid packaging to ensure safety of the product packed.

To create appropriate liquid packaging, multiple criteria needs to be met and implemented, but the most significant factor Avonflex team considers is offering the optimum protection for the product at the time of transporting, shipping and storing. Liquid packaging should be done in an intricate way keeping complete focus on damage control of the pouches ensuring "zero leakage" perspective without compromising prominent and dynamic packaging design.

Avonflex offers a versatile collection of juice packaging bags. These bags are made up of multiple layers which protect the product from various hazards. Our pack range includes formats suitable for chilled/extended shelf life products and aseptic/ambient products. We manufacture Juice packing materials which are suitable to meet the specifications of diverse juice manufacturing industries.osmrtnice smrtovnice osmrtnicama ljubuki umrli ljubuki osmrtnice grude smrtovnice smrtovnice bihac umrli smrtovnice sarajevo


  • Juice packaging
  • Juice Spout Pouch

Common Structure

  • PET / POLY

What We Offer

  • Customised Size as per customer requirement
  • Different Structures & Thickness as per Product requirement
  • In House Designing
  • Up to 8 Colour Printing
  • Full MATT Finish product
  • Registered MATT Finish Product
  • We supply in Roll form as per FFS Machine Requirement like Multi Track Job Single Track Job.
  • Can be supplied in diverse style of customized Pouch form.