ORS Packaging

Oral rehydration salt or solution (ORS) is medicinal formulation of salt, sugar & medicines. These components have extreme water loving characteristics & it adversely affected by changing climatic conditions of country. Thus protection of this medicinal property is critical task for any packaging material.

Avonflex presents its unique range of ORS packaging products, which keep the chemical composition of the ORS intact & unflawed and provide excellent barrier against moisture, high temperature, contaminant and other defect causing factors. We at Avonflex designed special multilayer laminate that effectively preserves potency of ORS formulations for longer durations. This Al foil, Paper & special PE based 4ply laminate is excellent choice for related Pharma drug formulation packaging.

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  • Packaging of ORS
  • Medicine Packaging
  • Energy Drink Packaging

Common Structure

  • PET / POLY

What We Offer

  • Customised Size as per customer requirement
  • Different Structures & Thickness as per Product requirement
  • In House Designing
  • Up to 8 Colour Printing
  • Full MATT Finish product
  • Registered MATT Finish Product
  • We supply in Roll form as per FFS Machine Requirement like Multi Track Job Single Track Job.
  • Can be supplied in diverse style of customized Pouch form.