Salt Packaging

Salt is an additive used while cooking and it is also used as a preservative. Salt is available in various forms like powder, crystalline and Solid. Salt is easily tarnished due to different weather conditions so you need to rely on the most effective and high quality salt packaging solution.

Salt Packaging Material offered by Avonflex protects the packaging contents as they are oxygen and moist sensitive. The packaging ensures that produce is not spoiled by harmful microorganisms and prevents contamination. Salt packaging can be customized to suit various brand specification. Therefore bags are offered in shiny, gloss or matt finishing's. Additional alteration made to salt packaging pouches could include transparent windows to improve customer viewing.

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  • Iodize Salt Packaging
  • Bath Salt Packaging
  • Sea Salt Packaging
  • Crystalline Salt Packaging
  • Rock Salt (SendhaNamak)Packaging
  • Black Salt (Kala Namak) Packaging & many more...

Common Structure

  • PET / POLY
  • PET / PET / POLY

What We Offer

  • Customised Size as per customer requirement
  • Different Structures & Thickness as per Product requirement
  • In House Designing
  • Up to 8 Colour Printing
  • Full MATT Finish product
  • Registered MATT Finish Product
  • We supply in Roll form as per FFS Machine Requirement like Multi Track Job Single Track Job.
  • Can be supplied in diverse style of customized Pouch form.