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  • What Type Of Printing Technology Is Used For Custom Printed Pouches Or Roll-Stock Films?
  • Avonflex can print up to 8 colours with the help of the latest Rotogravure and Flexogravure technology with reverse or surface printing.
  • What Material Specifications Can You Offer?
  • We offer a wide range of custom laminating materials to meet customer specifications. Contact us to get a detailed list of material specifications that we can offer.
  • What Add-On Features And Options Can You Offer On Your Pouches?
  • We offer a comprehensive list of add-on features and options for our pouches including re-closable zippers, valves, vents, clear windows, easy- tear notches, spouts, ergonomic handles, euro or round punch holes, and many more. Visit our add-on features and options page for detailed information about each of the features.
  • What Are Your Minimum Order Quantities?
  • We request a minimum order of Approximately 50,000 pieces for pouches& 400 Kg in FFS Roll form . The minimum order can vary depending on the size of the pouch. However, the minimum quantities for order are now flexible enough. Please Enquiry for quotes on minimum requirements.
  • What Are Your Lead Times?
  • The Lead times will depend on the type of structure and printing design that you require. Our typical lead times fall in the timeline of about 2 to 3 weeks. We also offer air shipment services to our customers at additional expenses. Please Enquiry for the accurate delivery date on your quotation.
  • Are Samples Available To Customers For Size And Testing Purposes?
  • Yes, we strongly recommend our clients to try our pouches before placing order to ensure the correct size and other parameter. You can request for sample pouches to our Marketing Executive.
  • What Sort Of Information Should I Keep In Mind Before Asking For A Quote For Pouches?
  • You should have basic information about the pouches you need including pouch dimensions, add-on features & options, artwork (graphics), quantity, etc. If you are still not clear with the information, you may contact our marketing team and they will guide you through the process.


  • High Quality Standard
  • Avonflex is committed to high quality standard in its manufacturing and printing process. During the commercial production of flexible packaging it is important to manage customer expectations with regard to the final print quality. As with any form of professional print production, there are no absolute guarantees that your print will 100% match your original design. The following guide provides a comprehensive overview of advice and suggestions on the creation and submission of artwork to help optimize your finished product. Overall the terminology maybe quite technical, therefore, we would always urge clients to employ the services of a professional and reputable graphic designer wherever possible. Please make sure to follow all the recommendations on this artwork guide to help ensure the best quality imprint for your packaging material.
  • Artwork Submission Requirements
    • Artwork must be supplied in either Coral Draw files or Adobe Photoshop files
    • Create all text in artwork in ‘outlines’ Images
    • The resolution of photographic image files must be more than 350 dpi
    • Never flatten the file as we require all layers
    • All Photoshop image files should be linked and attached. Never flatten the layers and do not change the directory
    • Create the images with CMYK colour mode (RGB colour mode is not for printing)
    • If you are going to use a spot colour please reference the Pantone ( PMS #)
    • Designate all ‘Transparent’ areas in the artwork with a custom Pantone colour as well as designating the layer’s name as ‘Transparent’. Please indicate specifically which pantone colour is designated for the ‘transparent’ area.
    • Do not scan pre-printed images.
    • Create all fonts in artwork in outlines, curves or paths.
    • All fonts should be created in Illustrator and must be converted to vector file to avoid font substitution
    • Please include all screen and printer fonts (Suitcase and Postscript fonts)
    • Always double check the spelling, content and layout.
    • All barcodes (UPC codes) should be scaled at 100% or larger.
    • Make sure background and bar colours must be contrasting to allow proper scanning.
  • Artwork File Submission
  • To prevent file corruption, Please make sure to compress (zip) your files, prior to submission. Your artwork files can be submitted on the following medias to designs@avonflex.com. All files must be accompanied with a hard copy proof or low resolution PDF for reference.
    • E-mail (file size 5MB or less only)
    • www.wetransfer.com or www.yousendit.com or www.sendspace.com
    • CD or DVD

    NOTE: We will provide an after processed electronic proof (Jpg.) of your artwork once it is approved after making all necessary corrections we provide Paper print which is known as a Cromoline proof for final approval. This will indicate all dimensions, gussets, zippers, tear notches, eurohole slots, sealing thickness and any other features that you have requested. This proof will also show the separation of colours that are needed and which a separate cylinder will have to be produced for.

  • Printing Tips
  • Print Area – We can print edge to edge, however, it is advisable to incorporate a 2mm border on the Front and Back and Left and Right gusset margins of your pouch in a consistent colour. The reason for this, is during commercial production there can be a slight drifting of the pouch film used for printing on the high speed machines which can lead to issues where design images get cut or mixed up if printing images side by side. It is also important to consider where folds occur in the packaging once products are filled inside, which can lead to some areas not being visible. For example in side gusset pouches approximately 35mm from the bottom of the pouch will form a base and will not be visible when filled, therefore it is not advisable to include text or imagery in this bottom section. Registration – There can be a 0.1mm to 0.25mm variance in print positioning. To avoid registration problems please ensure you do not use two or more colours to form too thin or small, text, dots, lines, dashes etc. Colours – Many colours that are standard for printing in this type of media may require CMYK, however, in flexible packaging , the same graphic may require more colours to be able to have achieve the desired effect. Therefore it is important to provide specific pantone colour references ( PMS number). Furthermore it is important to note that for reprints there is always the possibility that colours will not be exactly matched due the various production variances that can occur as detailed above. Substrates – Different material substrates can also effect the final colour presentation of a pouch. Depending upon what type of material is being used it can be noted that colours may not appear as vibrant or rich as they would on a digital printed proof. Typically in flexible packaging, the background colour will tend to be either clear or silver, which both can make the colour appear duller and also alter the actual tone of the colour. In order to compensate for this we would typically look to adjust the design through the addition of a ‘white flood coat ’ at the production stage. Layering – It is important to ensure artwork is submitted in layers. This is when each graphic, photo or text is defined in the artwork. This makes it much easier for the pre-press department to manipulate certain objects within the artwork, without disturbing the surrounding graphics.
  • Informal Artwork Review
  • When providing artwork for informal review we do not require that to be in the requested formats. Typically a high res jpeg file or pdf will suffice. This is only to get familiar with the proposed job and help the quotation process. We do not evaluate or review for artwork readiness.
  • Formal Artwork Submission - Production Ready
  • Avonflex can provide the services of our in house graphic design team. Our artists are available for the following services.
    • Adjust existing artwork to meet requirements for production readiness
    • Create new artwork for product and branding
    • Make changes to existing artwork
    Please note artwork fees must be paid in advance prior to print readiness. It is also the duty of the customer to ensure all artwork is checked thoroughly for any errors prior to customer sign off.